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Molecular Biology Services by Tebubio


Molecular Biology

Access a broad range of molecular biology related solutions, from the most routine to the most specific and customizable options.

Small scale mRNA production

  • Fully customizable production
  • As low as µg-level
  • 5 week production time : from gene synthesis to mRNA production
  • Best translation efficiency & reduced immunogenicity: sequence fully optimised
  • Benefit of our project manager's expertise to accompany you from production scale-up (mg level) to GMP projects

Our other solutions for you

  • Plasmid preps and QCs
  • Cloning and sub-cloning - mutagenesis
  • Transcriptomics

mRNA Production Services

Whether you are looking for mini-scale mRNA production, optimisation of your mRNA sequence, or you want to gain long-term GMP production perspectives, you can rely on our expertise and our centralised solutions to optimise your project.


Your benefits

  • Access technical expertise & save time

  • Speed up mRNA sequence development and screening
  • Accelerate your project transition from from R&D to larger manufacturing & GMP
  • Smoothly transition to TriLink services and larger manufacturing solutions
  • We accompany you with solutions at all steps of your project, from R&D to Clinical Trials

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